Art and Design

Art and Design at Stanton Road is taught in a way that enhances and promotes all children's creativity and as the children skilfully progress through year groups they become more and more equipped with skills to enable them to create and invent their very own works of art.  We use a national scheme of work, known as Inspire, and activities are planned and taught so that they build upon children’s prior knowledge, year upon year.   

Our high quality art and design curriculum and enthusiastic teachers helps to engage, inspire and challenge all pupils.  We teach children about great artists, inventors and architects to enable them to understand and see how art has contributed to the history, culture and wealth of both our country and others around the world.  It can be taught discretely through history, looking at the history of a specific artist, school trips to visit galleries or places of interest and by practising skills, in sketch books or during sketch time in Key Stage 1, which is a process to allow children’s creativity to really flourish and for them to experiment and combine their own ideas with latest taught skills.  We further develop our skills through theme weeks that have seen our children’s work on display in Birkenhead Park to commemorate the World War I Centenary and around school to add value and attract all children to specific areas, such as the school’s library. 

If you wish to support your child/children to further develop their skills in Art and Design then visit:

Lady Lever Art Gallery

Williamson Art Gallery

Tate Liverpool

Local museums