What our staff say
"The children have had a real insight into current affairs and how their actions can impact their environment." Key Stage 2 teacher.  
"The children thoroughly enjoyed their beach clean and were passionate to make a difference to their environment." Year 3/4 teacher.  
What our children say
"Our class have made a pledge to use more sustainable palm oil products in our diets and toiletries." Year 5/6 child. 
"We learned all about palm oil and how it's ruining rainforests. If we make companies think about making changes, hopefully we can save the rainforest. If we all do it, there will be less demand for palm oil. We want to become sustainable by 2040. It's opened our eyes. We need to stop and be the solution and not the problem." Year 5/6 child.  
"This is our home where we all live. People are treating it terribly. It's disrespectful. People think it's fine if everyone else is doing it but we care and we have to make the change." Year 5/6 child. 
"During our topic about palm oil, I have spoken to my family about some of the products that include unsustainable palm oil. They have also changed their spending habits and my mum has stopped buying some of the products too." Year 5/6 child. 
"We have been thinking about how we can be a good influence and stop the environment being destroyed. We are the generation to make the change. Since we have been doing this topic, my family has been trying to shop sustainable." Year 5/6 child. 
"We wrote a letter to the milk company to say we didn’t need the plastic straws and the plastic cover around it. This is single use plastic that is not needed. We are wasting lots of plastic. My mum now has a bag for plastic and a bag for paper and if we need any water bottles, we use one from the plastic bag.  Instead of using plastic bottles, we now use glass bottles." Year 3/4 child.  
"Plastic in the ocean can hurt the fish. If we affect the trees and plants, we won't have much oxygen left (and they give us oxygen to help us breathe)." Year 1/2 child. 
"Rubbish can make the world poorly. If the world is poorly, we will get poorly." Year 1/2 child.