Our Curriculum Intent 


"To inspire, motivate and engage pupils to become active, reflective learners and develop into responsible global citizens"


The intent of the curriculum is the content we want children to learn and the sequence in which they encounter the curriculum. Here at Stanton Road, we are currently developing a curriculum that will inspire, engage and motivate our pupils. Our curriculum allows pupils to learn about how the past influences our lives now and how our current actions will affect our future world, enabling our pupils to compare their lives to others by examining current events and topical issues both on our own doorstep and further afield.

We have implemented our curriculum in a six-topic approach, which spans over a two-year cycle. This two-year cycle is underpinned by the themes of:

  • Looking behind (The history of our world)
  • Here and Now (Our present world)
  • Looking ahead (Our future world)
Our intent is that pupils will appreciate and  develop a greater understanding of the world around us over the course of their career at Stanton Road. Ultimately, we hope to help our children contribute to our world in positive ways and to "#makeadifference".

Our vision

At Stanton Road Primary School, we have a ‘blended approach’ to our curriculum: in which some lessons are taught discretely, while others are taught through an overarching theme. Our themes are planned over a two-year cycle, which plans for progression and depth. The beauty of designing our curriculum this way is that it is planned by our teachers for our children – thus making learning personalised, relevant and engaging.

Our curriculum themes vary on a termly basis. Each term, there is a different subject focus. 

To support your child’s learning, our Subject Leadership Team have created “Knowledge Organisers”. These are A4 documents which outline the key facts, vocabulary and skills that children will cover during this term. 

We have been overwhelmed by the support and involvement from parents and families in our local community. We hope you will enjoy learning about your child’s learning journey over the course of this term.

As always, if you wish to impart knowledge, share experiences or offer support with this term’s curriculum projects, please speak to your child’s class teacher. We are delighted so many of you wish to reach out and be involved in our curriculum learning journey and we thank you for your continued support. 


Stanton Road's 'CORE' Threads

Our Curriculum is underpinned by what we refer to as “CORE threads”. These are elements which endeavour to excite and engage our pupils and ensure that their learning is relevant, purposeful and exciting!

C – Community

We encourage our pupils to make connections with their learning and the wider world. This can be done in a variety of ways such as: planning a community deed, generating awareness of a particular topic, studying or making links with the local community. This ensures that learning is contextual.

O – Outstanding characters

We aim to ensure that our children have a diverse knowledge of leading figures, past and present, who have inspired others or have changed the world in which we live today. We hope children will feel inspired by positive role models.

R – Resilience and Responsibility

We endeavour that all pupils take pride in their learning, have a sense of purposefulness and understand that success is cultivated through hard work and resilience.

E - Experience

Our curriculum will provide a wealth of experiences for our pupils, both classroom based and in the wider world. We aim to develop our pupils to become culturally aware, independent, and responsible global citizens.


The school curriculum will be developed in the following way:


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

2019 – 2020

The Environment

Why Should The Environment
Be Important To Us All? 

(Geography focus) 


What Makes Britain Great?

(History Focus)


Equality and Diversity

Is it such a small world, after all?

(The Arts)

2020  - 2021

Inspirational Figures

What Makes a Person Inspirational?

(History Focus)


All Around The World

Where Shall We Go? 

(Geography Focus)


Equality and Diversity

How Can We Live In Perfect Harmony? 

(British Values and the Arts)