Teaching Phonics at Stanton Road Primary
At Stanton Road Primary, Phonics are taught primarily through the Read, Write Inc programme, which provides a structured approach to teaching phonics.  It is used by more than a quarter of the UK's primary schools and is designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.
Initial sounds are introduced in Foundation 2, with opportunities for pupils to practise correct letter formation alongside learning the sounds.  These are introduced in a particular order in order allow the children to begin to blend from the early stages:
m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c , k u, b, fe, l, h, sh, ck, r j, v, y w, th, z, ng, nk
Children are taught to blend the sounds in words to support their reading and to segment the sounds to support their spelling.  They use whiteboard and magnetic letters to support this process.
Children progress onto digraphs eg ch, sh, th and they learn alternative spellings for the various vowel sounds
e.g. ay (as in day), a-e (as in ate), ai (as in paid), ei (as in eight)
Read Write Inc helps children to identify words which can be blended by applying the phonic rules (as green words) and those which cannot e.g. 'the' (as red words).  These 'tricky' spellings are taught through our spelling programme.
As the children develop their phonic knowledge, they are introduced to related reading texts which allows them to apply their skills through fun and enjoyable Read, Write Inc texts.  Our core reading scheme:  Bug Club also supports this.
Children in Year 1 take part in a national Phonics Screening Check, the results of which are published.  This helps to provide evidence of the success of the school's phonics and reading programmes.
Parents and Carers are invited to attend Reading workshops in Foundation 2 and Key Stage 1. Teaching strategies, including suggestions on how to support with phonics are shared.  Booklets for those not able to attend meetings or workshop are sent home to reinforce concepts.