School Day and Attendance

School Hours

The children enter school from 8.50 am to allow them time to do many practical things eg: hang up coats, chat to friends and teachers, hand in letters/homework, etc.


9.00 – 9.10 am

Morning Break

10.10 – 10.25 am


F2 - 12.00 - 1 PM 
KS1/2 -  12.15 – 1.15 PM

Afternoon Break F2/KS1 only

2.20 – 2.30 pm

End of Day

3.30 pm

We encourage children and families to arrive at school on time.

Absence from School

It is important for your child to attend school regularly. However, if your child cannot attend, please contact the school on the FIRST DAY OF ABSENCE. This should be followed up with a letter to your child’s teacher when they return to school. In this way we can ensure that all our children are safe and that we know where they are. If we do not know the reasons why, we are obliged to record the absence as ‘unauthorised’.

This table gives you some guidance as to how long you should keep your child at home. 

If your child has Keep at home for
Chickenpox 6 days from start of rash
German Measles 4 days from start of rash
Measles 7 days from start of rash
Whooping Cough 21 days
Diarrhoea/Sickness 48 hours
Mumps Until swelling has gone down

The school is required by law to collect and report details of absence. Attendance is seen as a school performance indicator and is looked at by Ofsted.


It is very important that your child arrives in school on time. However, we recognise that from time to time children are late for school for a variety of reasons. If you are unable to arrive on time and are likely to be considerably late for school then please ring the school. If you arrive late then your child will need to be registered in the school office. A late mark will be recorded. 

It is very important to get children into good routines and therefore develop good habits for life. Being punctual is very important and helps the day to get off to a good start.


From September 2013 the DfE have announced that holidays taken within the school term are no longer permitted and will not be authorised by the Headteacher unless extenuating circumstances such as

  • Beareavement
  • Family wedding
  • Employer enforced restrictions on holidays
  • Medical grounds
  • Religious festivals
  • Other extenuating circumstances at the Headteacher's discretion

In each case an APPLICATION FOR LEAVE OF ABSENCE REQUEST form should be completed along with a letter stating reason for absence and proof e.g. wedding invitiation, doctors note, letter from employer.


Please make sure your child is in school and on time everyday unless ill. All attendance is monitored regularly. Attendance below 90% may trigger the involvement of other agencies. Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to support you in getting your child to school everyday. Please contact our school office to let us know if your child is going to be absent. You can either telephone the school office or email: schooloffice@stantonroad.wirral.sch.  If we do not hear from you, the school office will contact you as part of our safeguarding procedures.