School Meals

School dinners are cooked on the premises by the Cook. A school meal currently costs £2.30 per day.  

If your child wishes to change from their meal pattern i.e. packed lunch to school meal and visa versa please complete the Change to Lunch Arrangments form - also available from the reception area.

Packed lunches may be eaten in school. If your child is bringing a packed lunch, please make sure the lunch box is clearly labelled with name and class. Drinks must be in a pre-packed carton with a straw or a flask with a self contained straw. These are much easier for the children to manage and avoid spills. NO GLASS BOTTLES, CANS or FIZZY DRINKS should be sent in with a packed lunch.

Children may stay for lunch as soon as they start full time schooling. It is important that we know whether you require a lunch, are sending a packed lunch or are taking your child home.

Please do not change these arrangements without prior agreement, as we need to keep a careful check on children at lunchtimes. Two weeks notice is required to change from school meals to packed lunches. We employ 6 Midday Assistants and Miss Gavin, Senior Midday Supervisor to look after the safety of children at lunchtime.