School Meals

If children eat better, they feel better, play better and work better. At Stanton Road Primary School our healthy eating policy is carefully designed to ensure all children enjoy access to a nutritional and carefully balanced diet whilst on school premises.

Our suppliers, RPJ Group, are a North West based company who pride themselves on providing a consistently high standard of fresh food, fresh cooking, and craft trained catering teams, offering exceptional service. They use fresh, sustainable, locally procured ingredients, freshly prepared on site, giving parents and the school the peace of mind that children can have a healthy meal at lunchtime.


If your child has moved up to year 3 they will no longer be eligible for Universal infant free school meals, therefore you will need to advise us if they will require a school lunch.

Each meal will cost £2.30 and our preferred method of payment is School Money.  If you do not have login details, please contact the school office.

Please remember to inform the school office of any changes to your child’s meal pattern to ensure that you are not charged.



Parents/Carers are entitled to get free school meals/milk for their children if they receive:

  •  Income Support, or
  •  Income-Based Jobseekers Allowance, or
  •  Guaranteed Pension Credit, or
  •  Child Tax Credit with a total annual taxable income of less than £16,190 and are NOT  receiving Working Tax Credit, or
  •  Have successfully obtained asylum status, or
  •  People who claim Employment and Support Allowance income

We ask all parents to complete the Free School Meal application form.  The information provided will be used by the school to check whether or not you are entitled to Free School Meals.  It will also mean if your circumstances change - even for just one day - it will automatically identify your eligibility.  Registering could not only potentially provide your child with free healthy meals every lunchtime, but also raises an additional £1,320 for the school to offer pupils invaluable additional support, additional equipment and individualised resources and to fund extra school activities, such as clubs and visits.

We are aware that some families do not register for Free School Meals as children in EYFS and Key Stage 1 already receive Universal Free School Meals, however, if your child is eligible, the £1,320 grant money will still go to the school for the purposed noted above.  To check whether your child is eligible, we ask that you please complete the form and return it to the school office, where we will be able to carry out the check for you.