• Mrs E Neal


  • Mrs D Vernon


  • Mrs K Pennington

    Deputy Headteacher and Year 1/2 Teacher

  • Mrs L Johnson


    Mrs Johnson is responsible for the Special Needs provision in school. Her role is to coordinate the day to day provision for pupils with special needs, liaise with governors, outside agencies and parents in order to identify, assess and make provision for the individual needs of each child.

  • Miss J Lloyd


  • Mrs L Boardman

    Foundation 2 Teacher

  • Mrs E Gibbens

    Foundation 2 Teacher

  • Miss H Sullivan

    Foundation 2 Teacher

  • Miss H Warburton

    Year 2 Classteacher

  • Miss R Simpson

    Year 1 Classteacher

  • Miss H Burns

    Year 3/4 Classteacher

    Year 3/4 Leader

  • Miss H Wilson

    Year 3 Classteacher

  • Miss E Chandler

    Year 4 Classteacher

  • Mr W Kennedy

    Year 5 Classteacher

  • Mr R Outram

    Year 5/6 Classteacher

  • Mrs L Small

    Year 6 Classteacher

  • Teaching Assistants

    Working alongside the teaching staff is a strong team of classroom assistants who support children in many ways. Some children may have individual support in order to enable them to access the curriculum.

    Mrs Jarman HLTA
    Mrs Bromley
    Mrs Carter
    Miss Chu
    Mrs Dodd
    Mrs Laddle
    Mrs Lewin
    Mrs Power
    Mrs Roberts
    Mrs Taylor
    Mrs Wakefield

  • Office

    Our secretarial and administration team in the office and they are the first port of call for enquiries.

    Mrs Priimov - Office Manager
    Mrs Murphy
    Mrs Langan - Attendance

  • Caretaker / Cleaners

    Our caretaker and our team of cleaning staff, work hard to keep our school clean and safe.

    Mr Murphy - Caretaker
    Mrs Carter
    Miss Bratley

  • Kitchen

    School dinners are cooked on the premises by the kitchen staff.

    Mrs McLoughlin - Cook
    Mrs Lockwood - Assistant Cook
    Mrs Kewley - Kitchen Assistant
    Mrs Newland - Kitchen Assistant

  • Midday Supervisors

    The Senior Midday Supervisor is responsible for a team of assistants who care for and supervise the children at lunchtime.

    Miss Gavin - Senior Midday Supervisor
    Mrs Garcia
    Mrs Jacobs
    Miss Roberts
    Mrs Smith
    Mrs Stone