Week Commencing 20/04/2020

Hello Year 6,
We hope you have all had an enjoyable Spring break and are staying safe, having fun and taking care of yourselves.
Please find below this week's learning resources. We have included a range of learning activities linked to different areas of the Curriculum. 
Please use the following link to access the Week 3 daily video that will accompany each lesson.
Linked to our new Power of Reading text 'Wonder', we will be responding to the text by completing a 'Tell Me' grid. We will also research the condition ' Treacher Collins Syndrome' and will create a detailed leaflet to explain what the condition is. 
This week, you have two comprehensions to complete entitled: 'Wonder' and 'Peter Pan'.
Linked to our new Topic 'Is it such a small world, after all?', we will be exploring the continent of North America. 
Exploring light and how rainbows are formed.
Please complete page 1 of the 'French Home Booklet' where you will be recalling the names of classroom objects. Please use the 'French Pronunciation Survival Guide' for helpful prompts and support. 
Stay tuned to our website as we will upload more activities next week. In the meantime, look after yourselves and keep smiling!
Miss Burns and Mrs Lewtas